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About our company - Cukiernia Zaniewicz

Our family interest in regional and traditional Polish cuisine goes back for generations. We have adopted many of our Grandmother Eva’s recipes in our product repertoire with great success. However, it was our Grandfather Jozef Supryn who inspired his children, and later grandchildren, to search for and preserve the traditional regional cuisine, as he believed that our regional uniqueness was the true treasure needing care and preservation for future generations to enjoy.  Among many of Grandfather’s favorites was the Sekacz. This wonderful and unique cake inspired his daughter Wanda and his son-in-law, Wojciech Zaniewicz, to bring Grandfather Jozef’s idea of preserving this traditional culinary treasure into reality.

Wojciech relentlessly searched for the ultimate recipe for the Sekacz. He tested and tried, adjusted and then re-tested the baking techniques and equipment over many years, until he was satisfied with the outcome. He marketed it, along with our other products, locally and then later nationally with success. The growing demand and popularity of the products led to plans to build new premises to house their growing patisserie business.

In 1993 in the town of Miedzyrzec Podlaski, our company was formed under the name of “Cukiernia Zaniewicz”. The recipe and production technique of our Sekacz is a carefully guarded family secret.  TheSekacz created in our patisserie business is regarded by many industry experts as superior both in quality of taste and appearance, and it has become to be known as Sekacz Zaniewicz.

Grandfather’s idea and our family’s combined passion to preserve the traditional regional cuisine and products, together with our talented and dedicated staff who make each Sekacz individually by hand, has led to Sekacz Zaniewicz  gaining recognition not only on the local market, but also abroad.

In 2003, Anna Zaniewicz-Klimiuk, Wojciech and Wanda’s daughter, the third generation since the conception of the idea to preserve our regional culinary heritage, joined the business. Anna is very much interested in uniqueness of Polish cuisine, and like her father is a proud representative and promoter of her region and its products at many national and international food exhibitions and festivals, and trade functions all over the world.

Anna believes that, due to globalization, lifestyle, fashion and communication in most countries of the world differs very little. The uniqueness of a given country or particular region is often found in its local kitchen and its culinary products, which is also the main draw-card for the tourism industry. She is just like her Father and Grandfather in that she is very passionate about her culinary heritage, and her prime interest of all the “Cukiernia Zaniewicz” products is global promotion of the Sekacz Zaniewicz.

Our Sekacz Zaniewicz is recognized as a authentic and traditional culinary masterpiece not only in our region Podlasie, but also in other parts of Poland as well as in many countries in Europe and beyond.